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Dad, I honor you for even considering this community. It's evidence you have good intentions and that you ARE A GOOD MAN!

But you want to take a real step to become a GOOD FATHER. You want to be more engaged, but your temper wounds your kids and partner, your wake up every day faced with the same feelings of depression or anxiety, or you're hungover, again.

You only have 216 months (18 years) with your children. It's time to decimate your demons today for them and your legacy.

The LF community is a tribe of Fathers who want to improve their anger, reactivity, anxiety, depression, and substance use. Join now: the first 100 founding members are FREE!

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In this community you will:

✔ Channel and control your anger

✔ Crush 💪 anxiety and depression

✔ Conquer unhealthy vices

We use a proven system of recurring group calls and individual discovery to eliminate your individual blockers in months, not years.

3 different weekly calls 📞 for:
➕ Anger management
➕ Mental Health
➕ Substance Use

Access 🔓 to:
✔ A solid community of other dad's to walk alongside with
✔ Weekly email with activity and conversation ideas for you and your kids tailored by gender, age, interests, and occasion.
✔ The Anxious Father workbook 
✔ The Depressed Dad workbook
✔ 6-week Substance Abuse Smackdown

✔ The Legacy in Action workbook: Creating a Legacy that Endures

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In my own life, I want a community of dads, online or in person to talk about and work through my struggles, like co-sleeping issues with my toddler, anxiety, anger outbursts, and lack of you-know-what time with my wife.

I want to be intentional EVERY DAY about leading my family, providing, and growing myself.

What about you? Are ready to step in and become a Legacy Father?

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